Full Health Analysis/ Nutritional consults

An in-depth intake of questionnaires, an analysis of digestive stress points, and an evaluation with the EPFX/SCIO machine that identifies deficiencies, risks, and aggravations to health. Clients receive our health manual, containing your reports, protocols, health guidance materials, and a plan of action. Computerized read out of Symptom Survey | Cost: $350

Intake Questionnaires, analysis of digestive stress points, nutritional deficiencies test for zinc, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins etc. and computerize read out of a Symptom Survey and supplementation suggestions | Cost: $250
Test for deficiencies for zinc, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins etc. with suggested supplementation | Cost: $75

Bowenwork is a gentle bodywork that activates the nervous system to reset the body. This is done with precise movements over muscles, joints, & tendons where proprioceptors are located under the skin. For more information on the Bowenwork, follow the link here to our Bowen Technique page.

EPFX/Scio Biofeedback

The SCIO is a sophisticated, energetic biofeedback system, designed for stress detection and stress reduction. It does NOT diagnose any clinical diseases but risks & aggravations are detected. It incorporates electro-dermal screening & biofeedback to both identify stress & balance the body at the subtle energy level.

HTMA measures the levels of 21 minerals, their ratios to one another, & toxic metals present in a hair sample. The ratios determine weakness & risks. Foods to include/avoid and a supplement schedule are also provided.

Detox Programs

Our most popular at present is the 21 Day Purification Program by Standard Process.

Measuring 150 foods and food chemicals, MRT measures whether an inflammatory response has occurred-not whether a potential mechanism is elevated (IgG, IgE, etc.). You receive in-depth manual with food sensitivities & meal plans.

An easy and relaxing detox where toxins are pulled through the thousands of pores in the feet to help detoxify the body.

Bio Identical Hormone Support from Sabre Sciences

A panel that determines whether an imbalance in adrenal glands and/or the sex hormones exists. Sabre Sciences uses a combination of natural products, electrolytes, amino acids and nutritional co-factors to balance the sex hormones, normalize the H/P/A Axis and enhance metabolic activity.

This light therapy has been cleared by the FDA to be used for issues such as acne, wrinkles and pain. Backed by science, researched by Nasa and used by Wounded Warriors.