Nutritional Consult Forms

“New clients, please fill out and return all requested paperwork in its entirety within 2 business days of your appointment.”

“Additionally, the following forms must be filled out over a period of several days and should be begun promptly: The Daily Record of Food Intake (7 days) and the Thyroid Temperature Form (5 days). Please allow enough time to complete all forms as we will need this time to process your paperwork. Incomplete paperwork may result in a 30-45 minute wait or the need to reschedule your appointment. Once completed, either drop forms off at our office or email them to

If you experience any of the following:

Inability to lose weight
Loss of hair
Cold extremities
Mood issues

Please complete the Thyroid Temperature Form and follow the Basal Temperature instructions below. Please turn these in along with your new client forms at least one business day prior to your first appointment.