"To preserve health is a moral and religious duty, for health is the basis of all social virtues. We can no longer be useful when not well."

-Samuel Johnson


Our Goal is to Empower you by Empowering your health.

We strive to provide our clients with the best in Natural Health and wellness by utilizing drug free, natural holistic methods to help you heal. Set an appointment to consult with Lisa Rhodes who is trained in Naturopathic methods, Nutrition, Bowenwork and Energy Medicine with a healy machine

We Help By Offering:

The Bowen Technique for Natural Pain Relief, Mobility, Balance, Etc.

Natural Health Consults with Naturopathic Methods

Applied Clinical Nutritionist


Energy Medicine

Hair Mineral Analysis

Herbal Therapy

Wholefood Supplements

Bowenwork & Bowtech

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Lisa Rhodes is a Professional Bowenwork® Practitioner and Instructor. Bowenwork which is also call The Bowtech® Technique is a gentle body work that signals the body to self correct. Conditions such as these have responded to Bowenwork: Back and neck pain, sciatica, carpal tunnel, digestive disorders, emotional stress, stress relief and more.

About Us

About Us

Bowtech Health Center

The Bowenwork® technique has been used to help people in the Abilene, TX area heal since 2001. Our approach is a natural and holistic one, where we help your body heal by restoring balance, reducing stress and pain with Bowenwork® and natural medicine, among other methods. The Bowenwork technique is a gentle, specific soft tissue technique that switches your body from stress to relaxation, letting your body heal naturally.

Lisa was a client of Neil Hall and he later became her mentor. She had several issues that were resolved with the Bowenwork technique, and because of that, she became certified and later an instructor. She also is a naturopath and a nutritionist. Joining forces with Neil, she brings her talents to the clinic, allowing us to offer extended services.

Our goal is to Empower People by Empowering their Health. Give us a call and let us help you empower your health today!

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My Orthopedic Surgeon diagnosed me with a "degenerative spine" esp. L 1-2-3-4-5 (MRI). I decided against surgery-tried several things with no success. I remembered the Bowtech Health Center, had my doubts, but decided to give it a try. I was told to expect 10-12 sessions for my type of problem. One session per week for two months resulted in less pain and gradually none!!! By the 12th session, I was pain free. 1 year later an (MRI) confirmed the problem no longer existed.
Thank you Bowtech and all Bowen Therapists


I've used Neil's services on two occasions in the past year (for different injuries) and in both instances, Bowtech helped to significantly decrease pain, increase mobility, and in the one case, heal the injury altogether. What I like about this therapy is that it aids the body to heal itself. While it took time, it was worth the effort. I highly recommend trying Bowtech early on in an injury or instance before surgery becomes the only option. Not only has it proven to be effective in both of my cases, I feel that Neil is a man of integrity and will consult openly and honestly as to whether or not Bowtech should be considered.


To whom it may concern:
Let me tell you all about my health "before and after" Bowen.

BEFORE Symptoms: Protruding left hip, Drooping right shoulder, Scoliosis, Hyper-energy, Tense Headaches, Muscle pain, Awkward gait, Poor digestion, Depression

AFTER: I feel aligned, Have calm energy, Relaxed and sleep well, Improved mental clarity, No pain, Smoother gait, Improved digestion, Happier Outlook


Thank you for offering such an important service to Abilene. I had paresthesia (a sensation of prickling, tingling, or creeping on the skin without objective cause, according to Webster's definition), almost constant tingling of my feet and when I started the Bowen Technique sessions, I also had sciatica.

I am pleased to say that most of my problems are gone and I now have an occasional Bowen session for maintenance. I can honestly say that the time spent at the Bowtech Health Center is the most relaxing experience in my schedule. I do not have adequate words to describe the feeling of peace, contentment, and general wellbeing while receiving the Bowen Session.


Let me start this out with Lisa is absolutely fantastic. After months of lower and mid back pain, multiple trips to the doctor and Chiropractor, the pain just wasn't going away. While browsing the internet my wife came across the Bowtech Health Center, and after some research she purchased me 3 sessions with Lisa. When the wife told me about it I smiled and said "thank you dear", but in my head I'm, "what were you thinking about."

Fast forward to my first treatment, Lisa explains to me how she is going to do these small little movements then leave the room for a few minutes to let my body process what she just did then repeat on a different section of my back. She also explained how I may feel the next day, such as some people experience different levels soreness and some have rare headaches. So Lisa does her treatment and gives me some after care instruction and I walked out thinking this was a waste of time.

The next morning I was not prepared for, all I can say is OUCH! I was so sore and it was not my normal pain, this was more of the sore muscle discomfort like you get after going to the gym. By the time I went to my second treatment my normal pain was less, but it was still there. I had my second treatment, followed her after care instruction very closely and by the time I was ready for my 3rd treatment my pain level was down to a ache. This treatment is hard to explain, Lisa did the same thing as in the previous treatments but this time I could feel my body responding and almost focusing on the area where she just did her moves. I don't have the words to describe this, it something you have to experience to understand.

Now this brings us up to about a week after my last treatment, my pain is just about nonexistent and I could not be happier with what Lisa did and my wife for pushing me into this different form of therapy. Lisa is definitely going to be my go to person the next time I mess up my back.


Neil Hall is very professional. He is not only interested in the problem at hand but your overall health. I came away feeling confident that he can help me.

Before coming to the Bowtech Health Center, I was having muscle pain and inflammation due to an autoimmune disease in my hands and arms. Because of an autoimmune disease diagnosed by my primary care giver it was causing me much stress and made me miss work and I was beginning to lose hope. My physician encouraged me to get some nutritional counseling. Lisa Rhodes helped educate and encourage me to change my diet and suggested whole food supplementation, herbs, and bowenwork. As a result, I am not missing work and my pain is drastically reduced. Without Lisa, I would still be in pain and feeling hopeless.


Neil Hall at the Bowtech Health Center has been the answer to my chronic back and neck pain. Finding relief after 22 years has been a huge blessing! I recommend Bowtech to others often and will continue to spread the word.

Thank you Bowtech!


Over the past 30 or 40 years, I have lived with "joint pain" and take pain pills (Mobic and Tylenol) daily just so I can do the things I like to do in retirement. Sometimes these pills just do not do what is expected, and now there are several reports that one of these pills may even be bad for us.

Several weeks ago, I took advantage of a "free clinic" at the Bowtech Health Center here in Abilene. Mr. Neil Hall described the Bowenwork technique to me and I received a complimentary treatment the same day.

The very best I can say about this treatment is "it works." Almost immediately, I noticed a reduction in pain and for the next week I was able to go without Tylenol. Now, I am quite cynical when it comes to trying something new, particularly, something in the medical area. I am just very happy that my wife "suggested" that I give it a try. I have since been back for follow up treatments and highly recommend that if you have pain and want to reduce or eliminate it, give this a try. It works!


I went for relief of sacroiliac joint pain for 2 separate sessions of an hour each. The results of the treatment continue to give results for days after the initial treatment. I was treated with respect and given time to explain why I was there. I was interviewed and then given a treatment, which consisted of a series of light muscle manipulations with time in between each adjustment for my body to react to it. It didn't feel like anything was happening or different but I was told over the next week to look for betterment of my condition. Sure enough during the next week, I noticed my pain was diminishing little by little. By the next week it was about 40% less pain. I have been so pleased with the results so far. I had been fighting the pain for over two months without relief, so to get the relief I am experiencing now with just the first session is wonderful. I went back the next week and had another treatment and am now allowing it to take full effect